Our solution for a standard-compliant base in timber construction

Time and again, timber construction is confronted with problems in the base area. Timber components in the base area are usually subject to increased moisture effects due to splashes and surface moisture, not least due to possible changes in the terrain profile. Therefore, we recommend taking special measures for effective moisture protection, regardless of the threshold risk classification. Deficiencies in planning and execution as well as ignorance of essential structural interrelationships repeatedly lead to problems in these sensitive areas.

Specific damage is assessed on the basis of applicable standards and regulations, and structural engineering proposals are made for strengthening the base area so that the timber-frame wall is long-lasting.


Advantages of our base solution in timber frame building

  • Patented (PCT)
  • Patent protection for base – wall – and entire building with installation of the thermal base
  • Very good insulation value: U=0.15W/m²K, with 16cm thickness and U=0.12W/m²K, with 20cm thickness
  • Can be sealed with any commercially available elastomer bitumen membrane
  • Structurally tested and approved (Graz University of Technology)
  • Statically tested (BVFS Salzburg) for 16cm  d=70Kn/m and for 20cm d= 110Kn/m
  • Easy sealing of the joins to fixtures with liquid membranes (doors etc.)
  • Increase in the value of timber framed property ("high value" classification)
  • Can also be used for renovations
  • Extremely fast repairs possible in the event of damp due to water damage
  • Simple assembly and manufacture
  • Simple processing of the functional materials used
  • All materials used are CE-certified
  • Can be used for timber frame construction and cross-laminated timber walls BSP-CLT
  • 30cm additional building height available because no lowering of the ground is necessary
  • More cost-effective than the solutions proposed under Austrian standard (Önorm) B2320
  • Elements easy to produce – free training for licensees
  • Can also be used for parapets
  • Can also be used in hybrid construction (base problem identical to standard timber construction)
  • Wall thickness with the same insulation value - framed wall 30cm – concrete base with XPS 40cm
  • Meets accessibility needs (for disabled people) without further measures
  • Advantageous for buildings without canopies
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly due to the use of recycled materials
  • No more damage to the base area
  • Largely maintenance-free solution

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