Quality Assurance - Thermosockel

In oder to guarantee the quality of our "Eberl Thermosockel", we have developed a quality assurance system in cooperation with HTL Jenbach in order to be able to call up the most important information regarding production and materials even after installation.

Our quality assurance system works by installing chips. The chip is embedded into a strip of Purenit during production of the base in the workshop. It is important that at least two, ideally three chips are installed for a project so that redundancy is created. This ensures that the information about the bases can still be called up after production/assembly or in the installed state.

The chips are scanned using a reader (e.g. RFD 8500) that works at short distances. For data readout the scanner must be connected to a Bluetooth-compatible device (e.g. a laptop with Bluetooth functionality). When a chip is scanned, the data for the respective project can be read via an Excel spreadsheet. For example, the following information is then available:

  • Customer/project
  • Company/client
  • Date of material delivery
  • Suppliers of the various materials
  • Production date of the elements
  • Responsible assembler in production
  • Batch number of the materials used
  • Information about the fasteners used

Of course, any additional information required individually for each company can also be stored on the chips.

Information on the purchase of the required products is available from Bautechnik Eberl GmbH. This type of quality assurance is not obligatory, but is recommended so that all relevant data can be retrieved at any time and is permanently available. The quality assurance system also ensures that our patented Eberl Thermosockel base has actually been installed.