Your solution for renovating damage to the base of buildings

In many cases, substandard wood is still used in the base area. Sooner or later, this construction method leads to rot and subsequently to a defective wall. The reasons for this are usually inadequate sealing of the sill area on the one hand and joins between the base and wall openings, e.g. doors, on the other. If these are not properly sealed, moisture enters and can no longer escape, thus destroying the conventional wooden wall. Our Thermosockel solution is also excellently suited for dealing with moisture damage around the base. In this case, the damaged parts can be removed section by section and replaced by our base. A prerequisite for such measures is adequate project planning, which we also offer.


The renovation process

  • Survey the areas of damage
  • Produce a renovation plan with the involvement of relevant suppliers
  • Produce a building schedule
  • Remove the defective parts in sections
  • Insert the new Eberl Thermosockel elements
  • Seal the elements from the outside
  • Seal the elements from the inside
  • Restore the outside surfaces
  • Restore the inside surfaces

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